Meet the Team

Adele Clough – Mentor

I began working in the community in Hull in 2000.

My passion and drive is a belief that everyone deserves to live their happiest, most fulfilling life.

I trained as a life coach in 2005 and have worked with individuals and groups since then on all aspects of well-being and life including careers coaching.

I am host of the Get Inspired radio show on Smile Radio. My role at the Timebank is a perfect fit as it combines my love of coaching and mentoring with working in the community.

I am thrilled that this project makes mentoring and coaching widely available to people from all walks of life.


Dave Langcaster – Mentor

My name is Dave (not David). I joined Timebank in 2018 after being made redundant, and with time on my hands I wanted to try to give something back to my community. I became a part-time mentor and member of staff in 2020, and I’m delighted to be part of the team. I have a Masters’ degree in Computing, but I don’t let that get in the way of doing lots of community based work, and Mutual Aid is one of my many passions. Other things I do are planting trees, working with Trade Unions, teaching, and running my own small IT support business as time allows.

I love sharing my knowledge and experience with people, and helping them to make the most of their talents and abilities. I also think it’s essential that people share their skills to help others, and that by working together we can build a better future for ourselves and future generations!

David Gautier – Mentor

My name is David. I became part of the project in December 2019. Though I have been a passionate TimeBanker since the beginning in 2012. I really enjoy being part of all the different events that the organisation has been involved in especially the Feastivals that have been such a success and a great mechanism to bring people together and show what can be achieved with the power of the community.

I have a HND in Business Studies and after working in various office roles for a number of years have found myself working in hostels supporting people in the path to permanent housing and looking for employment. After travelling abroad and teaching English I progressed to taking a TEFL qualification enabling me to teach English in China, then at my local college as well as online. As a people person I hope to bring all these skills to enable you to take the next steps.


Angi Beckett – Administrator

I joined TimeBank as a member a couple of years ago because it’s a great opportunity to save money by sharing skills and time. I’ve since become the ambassador for Withernsea, instigating the setting up of the branch there. In December the opportunity arose to join the Mutual Aid through Business project which felt like a job just made for me as I have a long background in administration of various sorts and totally want to progress the ideas encompassed in mutual aid.

I am also a member of various groups. These include Withernsea Big Local, which offers community members money to carry out projects to enhance the locality, Neighbourhood Watch, which these days is less about watching out for criminals and more about watching out for neighbours who might need some assistance in feeling safer. Both these groups sit very well with the work we undertake at Marfleet and I am finding so many links and connections between them very exciting.

Kate Macdonald – Timebank Founder

I’m Kate, founder of the TimeBank and delighted to be offering this programme to the people of Hull. I know the impact that being made redundant can have on you. I’ve experienced this myself back in 2006 when I was made redundant from a role I loved and was passionate about. I realised at that point how much our job role can get tied up in how we see ourselves in the world. So often the first question people ask is ‘what do you do?’. Feeling you have something to contribute is so important and I had a big knock to my self-esteem at that time which took a while to recover from.

But that is what this programme is all about. Understanding that these feelings are normal and giving space to get in touch with who you are, what you love, and perhaps ideas and dreams which you’ve not had the opportunity to explore as options before. The TimeBank and Mutual Aid Hub offers mechanisms and spaces to try things, connect to people who can mentor, share skills, spaces or equipment to get you going.

Work is about more than just the paid kind and having a balance of the work of connecting to our communities, caring for our loved ones and crucially ourselves is so important and something we often lose site of. We know due to COVID it is going to be a challenging time. But this programme is about us together, making our own opportunities and helping each other achieve our goals. What have you got to lose? What is your Future Truth? and how can Future Shift help you take steps to a shift in perspective of what is possible! Join us! Looking forward to meeting you!