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Course 1 – Jargon Buster

Do you find the jargon used around computers confusing? Bamboozled by the language used by sales people? This short course will help you understand the terminology used around computers. It will help you cut through the jargon so you can make informed choices about the best devices and programs for your needs. It will also help you to understand how your computer works at a basic level.

Pre-requisites: None

Equipment Required: None

Duration: 3 Hours

Learning Outcomes

1. Learn what we mean by computers, operating systems and programs

    1. What is a computer?
    2. What is an operating system?
    3. What is a program (or app)?

2. Learn about the basic components of a computer

    1. Case
    2. Motherboard
    3. RAM
    4. CPU

3. Learn about how computers store your files and how to choose the right type of storage

    1. Bits, bytes and measurements
    2. Optical storage
    3. Flash storage
    4. Hard drives
    5. Cloud storage

4. Learn about computer peripherals. What are they? What do I need to buy?

    1. Input devices
    2. Output devices

5. Learn about computer applications. What applications do I need and can I get them free?

    1. Types of applications
    2. Free vs paid applications – some recommendations
    3. Applications for business
    4. Applications for leisure
    5. Web browsers