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Course 3 - Get Up to Speed with Computers

Have you set up and connected your computer to the internet, but don’t know what to do next? Confused by files, folders and windows? Struggling with finding things or using the many Windows features? This basic beginners’ course is for people who want to learn a bit more about how to use their computer and get more out of it.

Pre-requisites: Course 1 – Jargon Buster AND Course 2 – Get Started, Get Connected OR pre-course assessment evidencing required skills

Equipment Required: Desktop or Laptop Computer

Duration: 3 Hours

Learning Outcomes

1. Learn how to get help in Windows

    1. Using Cortana (using voice and typed search)
    2. Using the ‘Tell me what you want to do’ tool
    3. Searching for a program
    4. Searching for a file, folder or program

2. Learn how to work with Programs

    1. Using the Start menu and Taskbar
    2. Creating shortcuts to regularly used programs, documents and folders
    3. Switching between programs
    4. Playing music and video

3. Learn how to work with windows

    1. Maximising and minimising a window
    2. Restoring and resizing a window
    3. Closing and moving a window
    4. Using the Show Desktop and Task View features

4. Learn how to work with dialogue boxes

    1. What is a dialog box?
    2. Navigating around dialogue boxes
    3. Tabbed pages, Text boxes, Drop-down lists
    4. Option buttons, Tick boxes, Spinner buttons, Scroll bars

5. Learn how to edit documents and folders

    1. Editing – Un-do and Re-do, Cut, copy and paste
    2. Simple Word formatting
    3. Printing your work
    4. The Recycle Bin

6. Learn how to work with Files and Folders

    1. Using File Explorer
    2. Store and retrieve files – default Windows folders
    3. Store and retrieve files – hard disk, removable storage and the cloud
    4. Understanding different file types and folder structures
    5. Navigating folders – create, open, close, move, copy, rename and delete
    6. Navigating files – create, open, save, close, move, copy, rename and delete