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Course 2 - Get started, Get Connected

Have you got a computer or laptop but don’t know where to start? Don’t have a clue about computers but need to get connected quickly? This basic beginners’ course will help you set up, secure, and start using your computer. You’ll be Zooming, browsing and emailing in no time!

Pre-requisites: None

Equipment Required: Desktop or Laptop Computer

Duration: 3 Hours

Learning Outcomes

1. Learn how your computer works

    1. What are windows and why are they called that?
    2. Learn how to use your mouse
    3. Basic overview of the Desktop, Start Menu and File Explorer
    4. How to shut down your computer safely

2. Learn how to protect yourself online

    1. Antivirus software
    2. Updates
    3. Security best practices

3. Learn how to set up your computer how you like it

    1. Connecting to a network
    2. The Settings you need to know
    3. Securing your computer account

4. Learn how to use the web browser

    1. What is a browser? How to find websites. What is a hyperlink?
    2. Using tabs, bookmarks and collections
    3. Internet security
    4. Downloading files and programs

5. Learn how to install and use software

    1. Download and install Zoom
    2. Set Zoom up for first use
    3. Using Zoom to connect with friends and family

6. Learn how to use e-mail

    1. How to send and receive email
    2. How to use CC and BCC
    3. Replying to or forwarding a message
    4. Attaching a file to a message