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Course 4 - Basic Word Processing

Do you want to write short letters, reports, or college assignments? Or maybe even get started on that book you’ve always wanted to write? If you have never used a Word Processor (or have used it very little) then this basic beginners Word course show you how to put together a simple but well-presented document.

Pre-requisites: Course 1 – Jargon Buster AND Course 2 – Get Started, Get Connected AND Course 3 – Get Up to Speed with Computers OR pre-course assessment evidencing required skills

Equipment Required: Desktop or Laptop Computer, Office Software (preferably Microsoft Office, but OpenOffice or similar will be sufficient)

Duration: 6 Hours

Learning Outcomes

1. Learn your way around the Word interface

    1. Tabs and ribbons
    2. Keyboard and mouse tips and tricks
    3. Creating, saving, closing and opening documents
    4. Working with several documents at once

2. Learn how to edit documents

    1. Selecting text to edit
    2. Parts of a document
    3. Copying, moving, and deleting text
    4. Using Find and Replace, Undo and Redo
    5. Checking spelling and grammar

3. Learn how to format your document

    1. Formatting words
    2. Formatting paragraphs
    3. Bullets and numbering
    4. Formatting pages
    5. Adding pictures and clipart

4. Learn how to work with multiple documents

    1. Working on more than one document at a time
    2. Moving between documents
    3. Copying text between documents
    4. Moving and resizing windows
    5. Closing several documents at once

5. Learn how to work with tables

    1. Creating a table using the menu or toolbar
    2. Moving around a table
    3. Selecting a cell, row or column
    4. Inserting an extra row or column
    5. Deleting a row or column
    6. Formatting a table quickly

6. Learn how to print your document

    1. Previewing your document
    2. Printing your document or parts of your document