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For Volunteer Mentors

Inspire others as a volunteer mentor

As a Future Shift volunteer mentor, you could help change someone’s life by motivating, guiding, supporting and encouraging someone.

Mentoring is all about using your experiences to help others.

  • Have you started a business with the support of someone else and you’d like to pay their kindness forward?
  • Would you like to support someone to explore their career choices?
  • Could you help someone update their CV/ complete application forms?
  • Would you like to support someone through an interview and help boost their confidence?
  • Do you run a business and would like to share your experiences with others?
  • Do you love helping and empowering others to achieve their goals?
  • Do you have experience in coaching or mentoring and would like to use these skills to benefit the community?
  • Looking for practical experience in coaching or mentoring?


We would love to hear from you.