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Mobilising Adaptation: Governance of Infrastructure through Coproduction – Water management and flood alleviation project

MAGIC is an exciting project to learn skills, contribute skills you already have and possibly lead to employment! 

Magic is a two-year project about neighbourhood rain management and well-being. It’s about ways we can manage rainwater in residential areas using rain-tanks, planters, rain gardens, and green spaces and how by doing so, we can improve our well-being. The MAGIC team includes experts on, water management, storage and drainage, health and well-being, landscaping, and community engagement. The team could also include you, if you share your local knowledge and expertise.

You can watch a short video below, or follow this link to our playlist where we will be adding more interesting and relevant videos about rainwater conservation.

Calling makers, tinkerers, inventors and those who would like to learn practical skills in order to create, design and make dual function rain tanks – containers that not only harvest rainwater, but help manage stormwater too.. Do you love gardening, crafting or building and want to learn more? Are you interested in how planting can reduce the risk of flooding? Would you like the chance to be involved in an exciting research project, to learn and improve skills with the possibility of this leading to employment?

Dual purpose tank/planter
A planter that also conserves rainwater

This is an opportunity to be at the heart of creating practical solutions to reducing flood risk in our city and supporting people’s wellbeing. At Marfleet Mutual Aid Hub we will be creating a ‘Living With Water Workshop’ where we can create prototypes of dual function rain tanks which  will help our city live with water more resiliently.

Dual water tank
A tank that collects rainwater for general use

For you budding horticulturists and makers this is an amazing opportunity to learn more about rain gardens and be part of a team creating them. The plan is to create a lasting legacy for MAGIC through the incorporation of a business – possibly a Worker Co-op – which provides local jobs and enables members to share the profits rather than shareholders. 

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You can listen to a podcast about MAGIC projects in Bilton and Derringham below:

Or read more about the projects on the “Hull Is This” website.