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About Us

Future Shift - creating futures together to thrive together

The bigger picture

Futureshift is a project run by Timebank Hull and East Riding.

Since 2012 the TimeBank has been a mechanism to enable people to share skills, knowledge and support across Hull and East Riding. Different from traditional volunteering, it is a system of reciprocal exchange, meaning you can share anything which can be measured with time and by doing so earn credits, which in turn enable you to claim those hours back from other members. You can find help to get something practical done (for example some DIY), learn a new skill, or get some support. Founded at a point when austerity was really starting to impact on the city, it seemed like a practical way for people to be able to help each other.

We have found over the years that many people who have been looking for work have used the amazing networks of people within the TimeBank to share their gifts, try new things, and build their CVs, enabling them to move back into the workforce and even start their own businesses. 

Now, we have a funded project specifically looking at supporting you to explore your options around employment and business, made up of a mixture of coaching, peer support, and shared resources. 

What could TimeBanking do for you?

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