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Stop Press - we're now working with HEY Smile Foundation!

Since we started this project, it has snowballed beyond our wildest dreams, and we are now working with HEY Smile Foundation and the BBC across Hull and Yorkshire to get as many digital devices out of cupboards and into the hands of those who need them the most during the COVID-19 crisis.

You can donate by completing this online form

You can also learn more about the work of the HEY Smile Foundation and the project in particular by visiting their websites:

HEY Smile Foundation

Pass IT On : Digital Divide Project

let’s help each other build a better future for us all

Mutual aid is about supporting each other. It’s all about relationships. If you give a device, know that you have changed someone’s life; if you get one, pay it forward – share your skills, support and your friendship. Connecting and sharing skills, space and stuff is what it’s all about! Thank you!

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If you don’t have a computer but can help in other ways, get in touch too! We’d love to hear your ideas!